Sunday, May 22, 2016

"WEATHER " by Karin Birch May 6-29, 2016.  At NOMA Gallery 

Photo Credit: Wanda Remington

Photo Credit: Lisa Sheirer 

by Karin Birch
The Weather Series is a progression of works inspired by the way layering of different patterns creates complex and unexpected landscapes. Using an improvisational approach, the beautiful dance of chaos and order plays out in these works through an abstract vying of stitching and paint.

I generally start each piece with color in mind, not thinking much about the imagery, and paint in a very free and movement-based way. This is a fast and fearless process that, when it dries, I come back to and contemplate while embellishing the surface with hand stitching and beadwork. The stitching part of the process is long and slow and thoughtful. The question I have of my work often comes back to meaning: what is meaningful in this work? Really, there is no inherent meaning; a cacophony of collected symbols and patterns I have elaborately arranged meets with the viewer’s imagination and their willingness to see. It is when this engagement happens that meaning can be found, when we connect our eyes, our thoughts, and our feelings.

Friday, May 13, 2016


This Sunday at 2pm I'll be doing an artist talk about my current exhibition "WEATHER", at NOMA gallery in Frederick, MD.